Who is a Technologically Literate Teacher?

What Are His Aptitudes, Attitudes and Values?

This may be the most important element of all.. I'll (Jstrange) start)
The technologically literate teacher
1. must want to constantly learn. Nicole adds... because technology is always changing!
2. must want to work with others. Megan adds... Be willing to collaborate with others around the world by using blogs, twitter, and even facebook.
3. approach teaching with an understanding that we are nearly at the point where "all information is in all places at all times." The consequesnces of this approach include not examining, promoting and rewarding students on the basis of burped-back information, but rather on their ability to formulate questions, search for "answers", and then start the process of asking questions all over again. Questions must become more important than the answers. The TL teacher will value questions more highly than "burped-back "facts, products more highly than true/false or multiple choice questions.
4. must understand that there is a place for the non-technological in the classroom and in life and must be willing to attend to those issues as well as the use of new technologies alone. 5. must not be afraid to make a mistake, becuase this is how we learn (Kitty).
6. must be able to make learning fun creating an environment where students want to learn and come to school (Kitty)..
7. Must encourage learning through doing, and participate actively with their students. (Dana)
8. Must relate computer/technological activities to real life and practical situations. (Dana)
9. Have an understanding that technology is the future and it is a must when educating the students of tomorrow.(Megan)
10. Must also realize that the students they are teaching will be expected to know a good bit about technology when they get out in the real world. That is what we are preparing our students for right? (Nicole)
11. Must have a little bit of a "no fear" attitude. Not afraid to check out the new technologies and implement them where applicable. (Cinnamon)
12. Must understand that all kids come from different backgrounds and home-lives. They all have different interests and skill-sets. We must be adaptable, empathetic, and supportive. Above all-- a good teacher is enthusiastic!
13. With all the technology to use now, remember that life experience is still important. (john215)
14. Must put aside the fear of the "unknown" and continue to learn. She must teach her students proper etiquette and manners when using technology and interacting with others. (Michelle-jaxon2015@gmail.com)