Who Is A Literate Teacher? Comments, Additions, Suggestions, And Everything Else

What comments would you add here?
1. "One who gives even the most remote students a glimpse and a dream of the bigger world - and help them both communicate and empathize with those in it." (Vicky Davis's Flat Classroom Project, quoted from Doug Johnson's in Seven Brilliant Things Teachers Do With Technology)..Kitty
2. A person who not only incorporates technology in the classroom, but also incorporates it in their everyday lives. They are constant learners of the craft and prove that there is more to learning besides ABCs and 123s...Megan
3. The best teachers are the one's that also show their students how things work hand's on.(john215)
4. Teachers need to work closely with their students and their student's parents; education and learning are team efforts! (Brittany, south.brittany90@gamil.com)