Who is a Technologically Literate Teacher?

What Is He Able To Do?

I'll (J Strange) start. I think all of these comments are time based. What is essential today will change as new tools become available. So later I'll try and adapt these statements so that they apply across time. For now:
A technologically literate teacher
1. must be able to create, maintain and manage blogs
2. must be able to use a digital camera or cameras to take still and motion video pictures
3. must be able to resize, adjust, and manage digital images.
4. must be able to edit digital video materials
5. must be able to prepare audio, images and video for transmission around the world
6. must be able to use iTunes and iTunesU to access podcasts, videocasts and other teaching materials
7. must be able to do sophisticated internet searches using specialized search databases and search queries
8. must be able to form and take part in a Personal Learning Network that is truly world wide in its composition
9. must be able to use cooperative based learning activities in his or her classroom and in their professional life
10.must be able to build a knowledge base of useful websites and resources(Kitty)
11.must be able to make and teach how to make classroom presentations with google or powerpoint(Kitty)
12. must be able to be willing to learn new things(Megan)
13. must be able to first turn on a computer, then be able to access many different websites that enourage and promote educational learning and advancement.(Megan)
14. must be able to collaborate and share with other educators and students around the globe. (Nicole)
15. must be able to explain to students what kind of programs they will access and how to use them. (Cinnamon)
16. must be able to participate in working on a wiki like this...of course! (Cade)
17. must be able to give constructive comments to student's blogs.(Brittany, south.brittany90@gmail.com)
18. must be able to explain how and why we are using the technology listed above to our students and to their parents.(Brittany, south.brittany90@gmail.com)
19. must be able to monitor the content of comments posted on blogs by students and comments for students for obvious safety issues. (Michelle-jaxon2015@gmail.com)