Who is a Technologically Literate Teacher?

What Has She Experienced?

Again, I'll (JStrange) start.
A technologically literate teacher
1. should have experienced several classes in which technology was effectively used. Several?
2. regularly use computer (or iPhone?) for searches, word processing, presentations and spreadsheets/databases
3. participated in a podcast and/or videocast
4. listened to podcasts, audible books
5. watched videocasts
6. followed and made contact with other twitter users(Kitty)
7. been pushed out of his/her comfort zone and learn to enjoy it(Kitty)
8. Has come to an understanding of the importance of and the potential created with the use of technological resources in the classroom. (Dana)
9.experinced a "wow" moment, where the teacher has not only learned a new technology, but has become amazed by the shear velocity of how advanced others are.
10. used different technological strategies throughout the classroom while still incorporating the soul of the classroom curriculum.(Megan)
11. Change (Nicole)
12. has experienced the lose of a document, presentation, video, etc. when they were on a deadline (Lacey)

13. classes on technology that don't come from the mainstream; something new and different. (Cinnamon)
14. used many and varied forms of technology that she finds useful and interesting to her students. She is still learning "what works" with her students. (Michelle-jaxon2015@gmail.com)