Who is a Technologically Literate Teacher?

What Does She Know?

Know is a slippery item. I much prefer Do. But I'll (JStrange) again start.
A technologically literate teacher must know/understand?
1. How, in general terms, the internet works. Wow - did that "general" clause delay much thought!
2. that there are vast quantities of educational materials on the web, especially iTunesU, podcasts on iTunes, YouTube, Edutopia and on and on and on
3. how to think outside the box(Kitty)
4. how to admit you don't know something and find out the answer even if it is from your students(Kitty)
5. should understand what new technologies are available and their potential use in the classroom, not necessarily be proficient in all of them(Kitty)
6. Should know how to discover what new technologies and resources are available, or, if not, should ask around and research, using the technologies with which one is already familiar. (Dana)
7. Should know to take the initiative and explore the available resources and technologies. (Dana)
8. Explore and discover, perfect choice of words Dana. A technologically literate teacher is not afraid of change! (Nicole)
9. know that technology is forever changing and be able to adapt to the changes efficiently. (Megan)
10. understand that pushing a scary button is the only way to truly learn. Learning is only truely done through experience.(Megan)

11. She knows how to use her knowledge of technology and how to effectively pass it on to her students. (Cinnamon, cljernigan88@gmail.com)
12. She knows how to teach with technology, not just use technology. (Stephen)
13. She must realize students and teachers can learn together the new forms of technology. (Brittany, south.brittany90@gamil.com)
14. That she doesn't know everything. ( Amber)
15. Continue to learn and accept the fact that teachers can learn new things from their students. (Michelle-jaxon2015@gmail.com)