Must All Teachers Be "Technologically Literate"?

I'll (JStrange) start again. Well, my initial response was "of course". Now I think the question deserves more consideration than that.
1. It won't happen. At least not very soon. So maybe we should make an effort to move toward the eventuality that all teachers will be "technologically literate".
2. If some teachers are TL and others are not, what happens? to students? to teachers? to school?
3. But isn't it time we ended the use of 21 year old overheads in college classes (as reported is the case in at least one class at the Univ of S. Alabama).
Under what circumstances might we expect teachers NOT to be TL? classes taught? age level? in area where no internet? Yes, in Mobile and Baldwin Counties there are homes at least that can only get dial up internet! And even worse in Washington and nearby counties!
4. If not, they should at least be willing to accept the challenge and do something about it(Kitty)
5. If one truly wants to be a teacher, regardless of how things go, or what resources are available, then they will use whatever resources they do have to improve upon their abilities to have a positive impact on their students. If they are true teachers, they will do what they can to become "technologically literate". They will know to use all available resources at their disposal. It all boils down to the attitudes of the educators. (Dana)
6. Some people are so afraid of change! What can we do to get them to understand that technology is not going anywhere? You choose to be a teacher, so yes, I almost think that all teachers should be technologically literate. It is time to learn and catch up! I know it is easier said than done but teachers MUST be willing to learn. (Nicole)
7. Change is scary, but it is a must to be a good teacher. Education as well as technology is always changing. If someone is scared of change then not only will they not be able to become efficient computer literate people they will be unable to become proper educators. I know I would definitely not want one of those people teaching my child in the future.(Megan)
8. I will reiterate what I posted in a blog. If a teacher is not technologically literate, I think they are committing educator suicide. How can one possibly teach the students of today and tomorrow and still be in the technological "stone age?" Not only are they hurting themselves, they are doing a huge disservice to their students. (Cinnamon)
9. I do believe that teachers should educate themselves on the newest technology and incorporate it in their every day lessons. There are many teachers out there that were educated many years ago. Things have changed. Technology is improving quickly. Teachers need to stay current with the new ideas and technologies. How else will kids learn about them? (Tiffany)
10. Teachers should strive to be technological proficient. I am not sure anyone will ever be technologically literate. Technology is changing constantly. No one will ever know everything about technology. I don't think that is possible. (